I love this brute, Lhama. But how it have the same IP as my main brute, she don’t give points when level up.

So my offer is: You create a new and cool brute in this link (to make sure it’s Aramati’s pupil), and give me this brute. So I’ll give you the password of my Lhama

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Go to your Origin account, redemption and rescue the cod: I-LOVE-THE-SIMS

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A Lenda do Herói - O Jogo


Ajude a Lenda do Herói a virar um jogo real!

Você pode ajudar a partir de R$10!!!

Olha o nivel de zoeira

Jovem Nerd


Cauê Moura

Felipe Neto

Felipe Castanhari


Galo Frito

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It’s easy, just do a char and try it :D

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Lets play La Brute?

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"I loved you, always.”

going to comment a little on this game: the overseeing voice talks as if it owns you, and defies your free will. if you follow its orders, you are praised, and the worldview becomes sharper and more detailed. if you don’t, you are chastised, and the world becomes more vague and difficult to navigate, but also more colourful and loud. it’s odd, and sort of eerie, but definitely interesting. take it as you will.

This game really unsettles me. It unsttles me that my first choice to obey, and when I played again and disobeyed, I got really emotional really fast. Failure hurt me more the more I disobeyed. It was… interesting to experience.

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Eu sei #2

Mais algumas respostas

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