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Meanwhile Memrise


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Brazil: I came out to have a good ti--
-Netherlands scores-
Brazil: And honestly I'm-
-Netherlands scores-
-Germany scores-
-James Rodriguez scores-
-The bug on his arm scores-
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NY TIMES: World Cup Opinions in 19 Countries.

Brazil go drunk you are home -Q

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A young gay dragon being forced to explain to his dad why he’s only kidnapping princes

A young gay prince having to explain to his dad how he keeps managing to get kidnapped by the same dragon, over and over.


so does the dragon shapeshift or are 100,000+ people really okay with a dragon a human doing the do

People want to fuck dragons this isn’t a new phenomenon

hoofkin Lets talk about that AU of you?

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/looks at weather forecast

Andalusia, I love you and all, but 40C in June? What the fuck are you, Arabia?

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In our 10Best Reders’ Choice contest for ‘Best European Country,’ voting was heaviest for one nominee in particular. Portugal has apparently stolen the hearts of our readers as it secured the lion’s share of votes.

Portugal is less iconic than other well-known countries, but it offers a wealth of opportunities to travelers: charming villages, great food, fascinating regional music, cultural opportunities, a beautiful coastline and even world-class surfing.

Italy and Austria landed solid in second and third, while a mere 47 votes separated 4th place finisher Germany from Spain in 6th place. The (very large) United Kingdom, with no language barriers for Americans and a wealth of well-known landmarks, took 5th place.

The biggest surprise? Iceland, which trumped Greece, Norway, and several other more exotic countries, to land in the top 10.

The full list of winners in the ‘Best European Country’ contest category for 10Best Readers’ Choice is as follows:

United Kingdom


yes now come visit us and help us get rid of this dumb debt and economy crisis B)

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I love Portugal, you know, in every family, there’s like that one hippie uncle who fives zero fucks about anybody or anything; hah, Portugal is that uncle in Europe.

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Dois turistas franceses aproximam-se de nós e pergutam: “Onde fica a Catedral?”
Eu, a apontar para a Estátua de Vimara Peres: Ali perto do cavalo.. Oh Kristina, como se diz cavalo em frances?
Kristina: *Faz barulho de cowboy no Texas*
Senhor Frances: Ahhh merci,merci!

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