aramatientediada said: Já pensaste na relação entre Brasil e Macau? Brotherhood ou outra coisa?

Na verdade até já e já cheguei mesmo a falar nisso em alguns RP só que Macau apareceu só como personagem secundária. Infelizmente não conheço muito sobre Macau (o país) para poder escrever a personagem e mais infelizmente que isso só tenho um ou dois livros que falam sobre Macau. Por estar de férias a vontade que tenho de ir para a bib. municipal (I don’t trust the internet for this kind of thing) fazer pesquisa é abaixo de 0 ;A;

Powa, se é mesmo uma nerd em historia


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“What does this thing look like to you, Braginski?”

“Certainly not alcohol, good sir.”

“Looks like, may i say, something only pussies drink!”


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making weird faces in pictures because it’s better to look ugly on purpose

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Will you be drawing a comic about Spain and colonial!mexico? :O


I might! That time period has always interested me. I wanna doodle Portugal with young Brazil too. (I kinda see Brazil as the oldest of the major new world colonies, with Mexico close behind and America quite a bit younger)

it’s kinda interesting to think how’d they react to one another- they’d be children, yet not children- because also colonial rule is quote far from a warm and nurturing family (particularly for Mexico and brazil- i’ll concede the Americans- apart from the native americans and black slaves had it a little better)

If you need help about the Brazil’s part I’m here

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sigh for some reason I half feel like it’s 1939 

like to an extent I always thought, “naw, noone’s gonna start world war 3, the world’s too interconnected nowadays blahblah” or “nobody actually wants a nuclear showdown- we’ve seen what happened to japan and today’s bombs are millions of times more powerful” but seriously World War 1 was called “the war to end all wars”. So- in a manner of speaking- you never know.

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Client: I should have an answer for you by the end of the day. Also, in the future, send clean emails only please.

Me: I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “clean emails.”

Client: You just did it! We have limited bandwidth! Please clean emails before you send!

Me: Are you talking about attachments? I don’t think I’ve included any. What exactly are you seeing?

Client: You keep doing it! If you’re going to send me emails, I need them cleaned first!

Considering she reacts like this to each attempt at clarification via email, I call her on the phone.

Me: Hi, I want to make sure I understand this situation with the emails and I didn’t want to risk sending you another one. What are you seeing?

Client: It’s just that we don’t have a lot of bandwidth here and we don’t have enough space for emails that aren’t clean.

Me: But what do you mean by “clean?”

Client: Look, I don’t know the terminology. Do you see how I clean all of my emails before I send them to you?

Me: Hang on, are you talking about the conversation thread in the body of the email when we reply to each other?

Client: Right! All of that is stuff I don’t have room for on my computer. I just don’t see why you need to remind me of what I just said. I know what I said, I just emailed it to you! Just clean it out before you send.

Me: Uh, that’s fine, I can do that. Just so you know, though, the conversation thread in the body of these emails takes up almost no file size whatsoever. Text is very tiny, space-wise.

Client: Well, it adds up.

Me: Right. Anyhow, the voiceover has been edited if you’d like to hear it. I’m not sure how best to have you listen to it, though.

Client: Why can’t you email me an MP3?

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Living sculptures exhibition - Rehovot, Israel

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Fiquei trabalhando muito e sofrendo mais ainda.

Q: Lu, what the hell did you do during your hiatus?

A: Work a lot and suffer even more.

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